-*COMMENT0*-Good afternoon [userName].. This is Sunday’s afternoon insight regarding GBPUSD pair, following the afternoon europian session, for today Sunday, December the 2nd. By Mark Holms from Forex LTD  from EverFX Gloabal   Ever FX FCACysic memeber

Bullish GBPUSD Comment

-*COMMENT1*- Just following todays market open, The GBP/USD pair, has retraced back to 1, 24 23 level , shortly after 3 bullish consecutive days rally https://edlekarna.com/ko…ericka-viagra/.
Where it came back from yesterdays week’s high at 1, 27 84 level.
The Pound sterling is now at 1, 22 34 level, while still above the 50 days moving average at 1, 54 34 level.
With that it remains higher by 10% of the US dollar average value over the past 50 days.



GBPUSD continuation!

British Pound vs US Dollar contenues previous strong Up trend! (View last week’s report over here.), GBPUSD remains on our watch list for the second week on the row!

GBPUSD Summery

  • Buy
  • sell
Time 15:11 GMT+2
Morning Trading 10:30 – 11:30
Evening Trading 15:30 – 16:00
Direction Up
Institutions Baias


Buyers %




GBPUSD pair trend Summery table. (information tai to release time at 15:11 GMT+2 – monitor changes in GBPUSD market conditions!)

Contracts vs Lots

-*COMMENT2*- Taking in consideration market apatite, as 58% of institutional traders are selling the Pound sterling, favouring it over the American dollar. Which might be as a result for big data anticipation.

Never the less the over all bullish bias toward the American dollar witch started few months a go.

*COMMENT5*-This was the British Pound vs US Dollar comment for [date] 15:11 GMT+2, Your openion is very important for su, and we listen to every word you say. please consider writing a comment below and we will answer you as soon as posible. and if you liked this article please share it with your frinds..




Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 16.12.53

Contracts vs Lots shows the relation sip between retail traders and institutions Sponsored by: EverFX Gloabal

Bare in mind:

-*COMMENT3*- Baring in mind all the above mentioned, please consider the following:.

  1. A potential continuation to the bullish trend, might presume for this weeks trading session at least.
  2. The Pound sterling view, is only bound to price if it keeps holding above the 20 day moving average at 1, 34 55 level.
  3. GBP/USD’s potential continuation target may reach 1, 23 44 level, as it is a significant multi time frame resistance.
  4. 1,23 25 area should be a Significant Support level, which advised to set stops around.

Chart Sponsored by: EverFX Gloabal, GBPUSD Daily chart showing Midterm Trend Summery

Chart Sponsored by: EverFX Gloabal, GBPUSD Daily chart showing Midterm Trend Summery

When can I BUY?

-*COMMENT4*- Please review the table to left on our website to view comprehensive trend information. A long trade signal might be published during this week in front of the bullish trade. Support and resistance levels are int eh table to the left.

Please Note:

-*COMMENT5*- (Note: This conclusion is only valid as long as price is holding above the 200 periods simple moving average (red dotted line) on the 60-minute chart, A Long signal is available now for review on the right )

GBPUSD Up Trend Start Chart

Follow signal progress on the chart below.

GBPUSD 1H Start chart, as per published post on Sunday December the 2nd, (scroll to view progress on the chart)

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